Australian ISP 3g APN’s

    These are the main 3G APN’s (Access Point Name) used in Australia.

    ISP                                   APN                                Username/Password Required
    Telstra                             telstra.internet           NO
    BigPond                          telstra.bigpond           YES
    Three (Prepaid)            3services                       NO
    Three (Postpaid)          3netaccess                    NO
    Vodafone (Prepaid)     vfprepaymbb                NO
    Vodafone (Postpaid)                 NO
    Optus (Prepaid)            preconnect                    NO
    Optus (Postpaid)          connect                          NO
    DODO                             WirelessBroadband   NO
    dodolns1                         NO
    iburst                                NO APN                        YES User/password only
    Primus                             primuslns1                    NO
    Blink                                splns888a1                   SP Code is 888a1
    Crazy John                              NO
    Internode                        Internode                       NO
    Virgin Broadband        VirginBroadband       guest/guest


    For New Zealand user only
    ISP                                   APN                                        Dialed Number
    Telecom                      *99#
    Vodafone                     *99#
    Telstra                                *99#
    SlingShot                    *99#
    CallPlus                          *99#


    3G, HSDPA APN/Username/Password settings for many other Cellular networks…n_gateway.html…69#T-Mobile_UK

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    1. David15

      I was browsing your website looking for security with 3g broadband / mobile internet.

      I use Virgin broadband 3G (Huewai E160e), and where the virgin mobile sends me WEP/WAP settings etc, there is nothing with my VBB dongle.

      MY virgin dongle also uses an Access number: *99#

      Your site is one of the only ones that has any info on 3G.

      thanks !

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