D-Star IC2820 VK5 ICF – updated

    I recently downloaded the IC2820 V19a channel mapping for the ICOM 2820 from IC2820_VK5RWN_C_V19a.icf.

    After uploading the file to the radio I discovered that many of the simplex channels I previously used on my IC2820 were now gone (not surprising). Lucky I copied the original radio config to a new .icf file before I uploaded the new one.

    One frustrating thing I did discovered with the 2820 cloning software is that the EXPORT function appears to only export the stations heard by the radio to CSV and no the full radio configuration. A full copy of the config can only be stored in the native .icf file format, which is full of numbers (looks like memory contents). So manually editing the config file was out of the question.



    For those who have played with the software (CS-2820), you may have noticed that you can only spawn one instance. So copying the frequencies from my old config to the new config (the above link plus my original mapping) was not going to be as easy as I thought i.e export both and combine in notepad or excel.

    I discovered that it is possible to highlight and copy multiple lines in the channel map (only in the application copy buffer, not in the windows clipboard – can’t copy it to excel or notepad). Once you have copied the lines you want from the original config select ‘File – Open’ from the menu and open the new config (in my case the above file – renamed). If the application has not been closed it is possible to place the cursor where you want to add the channels from the old config and select paste (control v) and the copied rows will then be placed into the new config.

    I originally based my simplex frequencies (2m and 70cm) on the AREG frequencies in the modified ham Motorola Syntrx radios located on the AREG website.

    VK5 – 2M Syntrx Frequency Plan – Issued 22/11/2005
    VK5 – 70cm Syntrx Frequency Plan – Issued 22/11/2005

    The new updated file containing the new D-Star mapping, supplemented by my slightly modified AREG simplex channels can be located here.


    Here is a screen print.

    CS-2820 copy screen print

    CS-2820 copy screen print

    This is the .icf file converted to a .xls (csv to xls – from excel). The conversion can be done with CHIRP.

    The Freq and channel file: 2820h

    I hope this information helps someone.

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