Kathy’s School – a school building project in Cambodia.

    Please visit the fundrasing site in support of “Kathy’s School” – a school building project in Cambodia. The school was the dream of Kathy Hutchinson, who sacrificed much of her time for the underprivileged children of Cambodia. Sadly, Kathy passed away in April this year, but her dream is now being pursued by her family. To find out more about Kathy’s life, the nature of the project, upcoming fundrasing events and how you can donate, please take the time to browse the site. Your support would be greatly appreciated, and make a significant difference to the children of Cambodia.

    Donations Page

    Kathy's School Project


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    1. Melissa Shanks

      kathy was an amazing person! i still remember her laugh i think this website is a fantasic idea to keep her legacy going. may she rest in peace

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