The EDinburgh Great Shiraz Challenge 2010

    Well Kerry and I had been looking forward to going to the ‘Great Shiraz Challenge‘ all year. It’s one of those events that is a must if you like reds and live in Adelaide. You just can’t drive home from it   😎

    It’s also one of those events where you bump into people who you haven’t see since last year. An example of this was catching up with Karel from Lengs and Cooter Wines, although Barb wasn’t around this year Kerry and I both promised that we would catchup with them before next year… mmmh that’s what we said last year.

    Kerry and I had a great day (as usual) and enjoyed sooooo many great wines. The main reason we go is to make sure we sample the wines we have never seen or have never tried. This year was no exception.

    Our top pic this year was Scarpantoni Block 3 which didn’t make the official list… but we liked it. The Kalleske which won was very good, just didn’t stand out enough for us this year.

    It was a draw this year:
    2008 Kalleske Eduard Barossa Valley Shiraz and
    2006 O’Leary Walker The Claire Clare Valley Shiraz

    With the Best wine under $30 being Torbreck’s Woodcutters Shiraz.

    The Top 40 Shiraz results were
    1 08 Kalleske Eduard Shiraz
    1 06 O’Leary Walker The Claire Shiraz
    2 08 Torbreck Woodcutter’s Shiraz
    3 06 Clarendon Hills Hickinbotham Syrah
    4 07 Hentley Farm The Beast Shiraz
    5 08 Hart of The Barossa Organic Shiraz
    6 07 Torbreck The Factor Shiraz
    7 05 DogRidge MVP Shiraz 05
    8 08 Pirathon by Kalleske Shiraz
    9 08 Whistler Barossa Shiraz
    10 08 Langmeil Valley Floor Shiraz
    11 08 DogRidge The Pup Shiraz
    12 07 Yangarra Ironheart Shiraz
    13 08 Heathvale William Heath Shiraz
    13 08 Whistler Reserve Shiraz
    14 06 Coriole Lloyd Reserve Shiraz
    14 08 Dandelion Lionheart of the Barossa Shiraz
    15 08 Torbreck The Gask Shiraz
    16 05 Trevor Jones Wild Witch Shiraz
    17 07 Tomfoolery The Artful Dodger Shiraz
    18 08 Arete Greenock Single Vineyard Shiraz
    18 07 Eldredge Blue Chip Shiraz
    18 05 Majella Sparkling Shiraz
    18 07 Mitchell Peppertree Shiraz
    19 08 Morgan Simpson Basket Press Shiraz
    20 07 Dutschke Gods Hill Road Shiraz
    20 05 Lengs & Cooter Old Vine Shiraz
    21 07 Hewitson Mad Hatter Shiraz
    21 08 The Islander Shiraz
    22 08 Tonic Estate Fountain of Youth Shiraz
    22 08 Vinteloper Shiraz
    23 08 Majella Shiraz
    23 09 Teusner Riebke Shiraz
    24 08 Bird in Hand Shiraz
    24 08 Eagle & The Fool Shiraz
    24 09 Mike Press Adelaide Hills Shiraz
    25 08 Cardinham Estate Shiraz
    26 09 Arete The Chatterbox Barossa Shiraz
    26 08 Bleasdale Powder Monkey Shiraz
    26 06 Murray Street Vineyards Sophia Shiraz


    Now all we need to do is detox ready for next year.

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